Sales, Marketing and IT Consulting Clients


  • Australia:
    • Boots Online (One of the oldest online RM Williams resellers)
    • Lochard (Airport noise and flight track monitoring solutions)
    • Macromedia (World's leading vendor of web software).
    • Meknes (Moroccan tagine and homewares importer)
    • Abeville (E-Commerce portal)
  • India
    • Idzine (Designer and Exporter of Home Furnishings)
    • Varsha Caterers (Wedding, party, industrial catering, Mumbai/Bombay, India)
  • UK
    • OCRA Worldwide (Offshore banking, corporate and trust service provider)
    • Shriji Internet Services (Internet programming services)
  • USA:
    • 800-Works (Toll-free numbers, fax and voicemail)
    • BuzMe (Free Internet call waiting)
    • Carolina Buyers Agent (Charlotte NC real estate)
    • Charlotte Relocation Guide (Charlotte, NC Relocation Guide)
    • Creator Connection (Internet workspaces)
    • eXtremeFax (Free fax software and services)
    • Micromeritics (Particle characterization instrumentation)
    • Nisis USA
    • Pagoo (Internet call waiting)
    • RingCentral (Fax and voicemail software)
    • Telephony Buyer's Guide (Virtual PBX)
    • VirtualPBXCompare (Fax and voicemail)

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