QuickBase by Quicken: Case Study

Quickbase for Team and Project Management

by Ash Nallawalla

Part 1: Executive Summary

The Software Product Marketing eGroup (SPM), a not-for-profit, mutual help volunteer body, has been using Quicken Quickbase for Corporate Workgroups for more than a year. Quickbase is a Web-based productivity solution that has empowered SPM volunteer teams to store critical information and project material in one place. The Web interface means that team members do not have to run a proprietary client to access the application. Varying levels of access help to reduce the clutter for team members who only work on specific team tasks. Vice Presidents generally have an organization-wide view of individual tasks, some of which can be drilled down to detailed issues.

The SPM Web Content team evaluated several Quickbase database templates available online before choosing an “application” called Project Manager. An application is a large integration of smaller “templates” that are linked seamlessly. It is easy to add templates to an existing application. SPM has done this by adding an existing Feature Requests and Bug Tracker database that was maintained in a different account.

A large selection of views enables teams to view information from different angles, not only in tabular form but also as charts and calendar entries. SPM volunteers have remarked that the Quickbase approach to task management is far easier than using a dedicated project tool.

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