Quicken QuickBase: Case Study

Quickbase for Team and Project Management

by Ash Nallawalla

Part 3: Evaluating the Options

The following evaluation was specific to the structure and needs of the SPM group. For example, the members of SPM are typically looking for employment and SPM's activities are structured around this goal.

Available Option Pros Cons Recommendation
Use only 1 x 10 MB DB for all of SPM

Everything in one place.
Minimal training.
Minimal user rights admin.

Conflicting needs of teams will lead to a design with many fields that will not be used by majority.
Unused fields add to the byte count.
Max limit of 50 people per DB. Some users will miss out.
If this option is chosen, then overflows can be linked to the remaining two large DBs and 15 small ones.
Use 1 x 500 kB DB per SPM team Each team has its own DB
25 people can access each DB
Some users can be enabled to access multiple DBs.
Unless all use an identical template, there might be minor training and DB maintenance issues, i.e. Master DBA would need to remember all the variations.
Wastage if every team does not need a DB
If this option is chosen, then some teams may be able to share a small DB and some could justify asking for a big one. It will leave some DBs unused for later expansion.
Use a mix of 500 kB and 10 MB DBs as justified. Equitable use of resources. None, other than above comments. This is the overall DB recommendation, but will need Directors to confer and choose optimal mix with some unused capacity.
Project Manager Application Overall control over all project resources   Definitely need one of these
Project Manager Time & Expense Application As above plus T&E   Unlikely to be needed
Team Project Tracker Template Overall control over a single team Note this tracks a *single* team Need at least one of these, possibly one per team
Document Library Template Documents are easy to store, track status, find, and share.   Definitely need one of these
Project Issues Manager Template Track, prioritise, allocate issues   Might need one of these
Sales Manager Application Track leads and sales opportunities   Unlikely to be needed
Contact Manager Template Store and share names and addresses of employers   Might need one of these
Sales Pipeline Template Measure leads in the pipeline, forecasting   Unlikely to be needed
Customer Call Log Template Track incoming calls   Unlikely to be needed
Purchase Requests Template Track purchase requests and approvals   Unlikely to be needed
Job Candidate Tracker Template Store and share names and addresses of SPM members   Might need one of these
Recruiting Requisitions Template Track job reqs in HR department   Unlikely to be needed

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