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A New Design for a Future Australian Flag

Melbourne, 26 January 1998

Many months ago, when I needed to reproduce the Australian flag on a web page, I saw a problem. The "problem" was with the medium, not the flag. Two of my clip art collections differed in their depiction of the flag (neither was accurate) and I didn't like the way the stars were distorted when reduced to the desired size.

While driving to work, I was often held up at the traffic lights where the West Gate Freeway joins Kingsway. Directly opposite the Shell service station is a small business that meant well when it proudly displayed an "Australian" flag on its hoarding, but had grossly exceeded the bounds of artistic licence -- every element in that flag was the wrong shape or size. [That business has closed and the flag has gone, thank goodness. 4/01]

Sometimes, when I ate at my local RSL club, I wondered why the Australian flag on its restaurant's chalkboard menu was allowed to get away with a rendition that differs markedly from a real flag on display across the room. [Now fixed. 1/99]

Like many Aussies, a new flag was not high on my list of priorities, but the growing interest in this subject caught my attention. If we are going to change it, then I'd like to offer another point of view.

The present flag is difficult to draw for most people:

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If Australia had to change its flag, which of the following designs would you prefer?

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My two designs were inspired by Canada's simple, but striking flag, and my choice is the blue-and-white version at the top of this page. Here are some of my reasons:

Suggested roundel

Enter the "8 Flag", shown at the top of this page. Will it become the new flag? As this is not a design submitted to Ausflag, I seriously doubt it, but I am happy to have made my statement. That situation is entirely because I became aware of the specifics of Ausflag competitions after they stopped accepting designs from the general population.

Child's Play?

Can the "winning design" (from the other contests) be drawn by a 9-year-old? See instructions below for this one.

8 Flag

Drawing the "8 Flag"


I don't mind the orientation of the star or whether we have 7 points or 8 points. Aesthetically, having a point at the top centre - the 12-o'clock position - is better and retaining the current 7-pointed star serves that end.

Why "8"

Visitors to this site have a slight preference for a seven-pointed star and that is also fine by me.


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