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Toll-free numbers, as the name suggests, are telephone numbers where the caller does not have to pay for the long-distance call. The business that owns the number pays for the incoming calls.

Review Format

This review is spread over several pages, each focusing on a relevant feature. Click on any feature on the right, or follow the link below to the company site to get the latest pricing and details.

Features to Consider

  • Additional Features - Some toll-free numbers are just that - numbers that redirect to your phone. Other toll-free number providers go a lot further, sometimes for the same or lower price. Read the fine print! Check if you can also use it as a fax number. Does it offer voicemail? Can you manage your settings over the web? Can you forward calls to another number, or a sequence of numbers in turn, or simultaneously? Can you screen callers and decide to accept the call or let it forward to voice mail?
  • Fax Broadcasting - Some people need to send a broadcast fax, that is, send the same document to a list of fax numbers. Does your tollfree fax provider offer this?
  • Double-Leg Billing - You do not want this. A connected toll free call stands on two "legs": an inbound leg into your toll-free number and another outbound leg to the phone where the call is actually taken. Some companies charge for each of these legs separately so you pay as much as twice their published rate per minute.

In Use

My tollfree number supplier is RingCentral, based in San Mateo, CA. What makes their offering better is that you get more than "just a phone number" and there is no double-leg billing. It is also your fax number and cell phone number. You give out just one number to your contacts and maintain the privacy of your cell phone and home numbers. I use my toll-free number mainly as an an answering service and I get all my messages as attachments to email.

Where to Order

Visit:RingCentral Inc.

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