Validate your investment in SEO with an SEO Audit

We are not a conventional SEO agency, but we offer complementary services that they probably do not.

Fixed Price Consulting

We quote a daily rate and work within your budget. No bill shock.

Ongoing Services

We also offer ongoing "SEO health" monitoring and co-management services.


SEO Quality Audit and Monitoring

Do you know if your website receives the most appropriate attention from your in-house team or external agency? Can you use a dashboard to see where attention is needed?

Quantifying SEO Value

Managers often need to justify asking for an increase of their SEO budgets. How much additional revenue can be expected if rankings change from position #2 to #1, or if one second is shaved off the page load time?

Quantifying SEO

Content Guidance

Can your content writers benefit from a guided and disciplined approach, rather than write without specifically thinking about SEO? We have a proven methodology that will improve their focus.

Accessibility Compliance

Websites have to be accessible to users, particularly those with disabilities. There are legal risks, should a user invoke the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act, but the greater risk is that an inaccessible site cannot be crawled and indexed by a search engine.


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